Nutrition Clinic

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Follow the procedure below for an appointment at the nutrition clinic.  

Registration of patients is done on PFA online portal. Patients are asked to come to nutrition clinics on the specific given appointment date.

Anthropometric measurements are done with the help of weight and height measuring machines and body fat analyzers.

Punjab Food Authority Nutrition Section Client Data Sheet has some patient’s history, diet, and exercise routine-related questions and the following anthropometric measurements:

Height (cm)

Weight (Kg)

Body Water (%)

Body Fat (%)

Bone Mass (kg)

BMI (kg/m^2)

Visceral Fat (%)

BMR (kcal) and Muscle Mass (kg)

After complete nutritional assessment and nutrition counseling, customized diet plans are provided to the patients by expert Nutrition Trainee Officers.

Patients are given 15 days follow up time and reminder calls are done for their next nutrition consultation session.

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