A Nutrition Awareness Seminar at Govt RA High School Madina Syedan, Gujrat

Punjab Food Authority Gujrat organized an “Eat Safe Kids Campaign” seminar at Govt RA High School Madina Syedan, Gujrat. Approximately 75 students and teachers actively participated in the event, which aimed to promote food safety, healthy eating habits, and nutritional awareness among children.

Under the guidance of the Worthy Director General of Punjab Food Authority, the seminar emphasized two main objectives:
1. Encouraging student participation through awareness programs.
2. Implementing nutritional programs in educational institutes.

The seminar covered various aspects related to food safety and nutrition, including:
– The establishment and functions of Punjab Food Authority.
– Eat Safe Kids Campaign and its significance.
– Key points for maintaining food safety and hygiene.
– Nutrition challenges faced in Pakistan.
– The impact of nutrition on academic performance.
– Strategies for achieving a sustainable healthy diet.
– A guide to the benefits of a healthy diet.
– The correlation between unhealthy choices and academic learning.
– Healthy lunch box ideas for students.

The initiative aimed to instill in students the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating habits, fostering improved concentration and positively influencing their academic careers. This collaborative effort between Punjab Food Authority and Government School GUJ Campaign reflects a commitment to creating a safer and healthier environment for the community.

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