The Finance wing being the most dynamic wing of PFA provides a pathway to PFA for achieving its objectives while considering the highest level of honesty and integrity. We ensure that all financial activities are recorded in efficient manner and all regulatory, procedural and codal formalities will be completed.

We advise management in achieving optimum utilization of public money. We are committed to performing all tasks of the finance wing starting from salary preparation, budgeting, tax, audit to procurements etc in line with best practices of Govt. departments and ensuring continuous improvements.

  • Accounts Payable: Procuring all the items of all wings of Punjab, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and managing timely and effective Accounts Payables.
  • Budget: Preparing annual, quarterly budgets of all districts of Punjab and completing all its ancillary, formal and codel requirements
  • Liaison with Government Departments: Liaison with finance Department through Food Department, Treasury office ,AG Office, FBR etc to complete all procedural and regulatory requirements of Finance Wing
  • Audit: Conducting audit with the deputed staff of DG audit Punjab and Chartered Accountant firm. Efficiently coordinating with Internal Audit wing for ensuring the transparency of all financial transaction.
  • Advice to Management: Providing advice to management regarding all financial matters including efficient utilization of funds, optimal utilization of budget and controlling expenditure thus ensuring prudence use of public money.
  • Regulatory Reports: Preparation of different reports of all districts of Punjab as required by PFA act, and other regulatory and statutory bodies. From time to time.
  • Continuous On Job Training: Providing mentor and on job training to all staff of 36 districts of Punjab for ensuring continuous improvement in performing duties. This has also aided in updating knowledge of staff.
  • Tax: As a responsible department we deduct taxes at source, and all other required taxes and deposit in treasury of Government thus giving smooth stream of revenue to Government.
  • Salary Preparation: Preparing salaries and ensuring their timely disbursements and completing all its ancillary requirements.
  • Other Tasks: Completing all other tasks as assigned by the management and all matters relating to finance and keeping its records.
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