Technical Wing

“While working on scientific principles and international best practices, Punjab Food Authority aims to ensure food safety & quality in the entire food chain in collaboration with manufacturers, Food Business Operators, consumers, government departments, autonomous bodies and other stakeholders.”


Food Laboratories is a Sub-Section of Laboratories Section in the Technical Wing of the Punjab Food Authority. Food Laboratories have been working since May 2012 as per Article 21 of the PFA act 2011, with an objective to check adulteration and contamination of food samples in order to ensure food safety and Quality. Currently three stationary laboratories are working in Punjab, out of which two are in Lahore while one is in Multan. Moreover, two Mobile Food Laboratories are working in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Aim & Objective

To check Adulteration and Contamination of food samples in order to ensure Food Safety and Quality.


Establishment of Food Labs of PFA is a practical and systematic step in;

  • Implementation of food safety system to curtail the risk of food adulteration
  • To curb the food borne diseases
  • To diminish the health risks associated with utilization of unsafe food in Pakistan.
Food Laboratories are working with an objective to check adulteration and contamination of food samples in order to ensure food safety and Quality.

Details of Test and Lab Section

Commodities being tested in food laboratories are listed below:
  • Water
  • Fats and Oils
  • Sweets and Confectionary
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Dairy and Dairy Products
  • Cereals and Spices
  • Snacks and Bakery Items
  • Fruits and Vegetable Products
  • Eggs & Eggs Product
  • Colours and Dye

Procedure to Apply

Procedure for Free Milk Testing: Sample of milk for home use is tested free of cost in District Food Laboratory Lahore. Submit 200ml sample of milk at front desk. Obtain results in just 10 minutes. Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm Days (Monday to Friday)

Procedure for Food Testing of Private Sample

Apply online at our portal or visit front desk of any Food Laboratory. After submitting information, submit fee (1000 PKR for domestic sample) on given challan form in any Allied Bank Branch or Easy paisa shop. After submission of Fee, submit food sample on front desk of Food Lab. Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm Days (Monday to Friday)

Fee Section

Fee details for testing of different samples is attached herewith.

Lab Locations

  • District Food Laboratory, 84-C New Muslim Town near Naqsha Stop Wahdat Road Lahore
  • Govt. Public Analyst Lab., Islamia Park, Poonch Road Lahore
  • Govt. Public Analyst Lab. near Circuit House, Jail Road Multan.

Initiatives (Future Plan)

  • Establishment of Food Testing Laboratories in Faisalabad.
  • Up gradation of Government Public Analyst Laboratory, Multan.
  • Functionalization of 05 Mobile Food Laboratories in Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sahiwal and Multan.
  • Accreditation of 05 Mobile Food Laboratories against ISO/IEC 17025 from Pakistan National Accreditation Council.
  • Establishment of 2 Mobile Food Laboratories in D.G. Khan and Bahawalpur.
  • Up gradation of Government Public Analyst Laboratory, Poonch Road Lahore.


Means a display of written, printed or graphic matter on the immediate container of any article and on the retail package of such article, unless it is easily legible through the outside container or wrapper.

Product labelling guidelines and checklist

  • Download the official mobile application of PFA form play store or visit the website
  • Select the product Label Application (Tab) and fill in and submit the respective forms for issuance of Bank Challans.
  • Submit Challan (PKR 1160/) in any branch of Allied bank, Easy paisa or Jazz cash.
  • After submission of Challan in bank or payment via Easy paisa or Jazz cash, submit the copy of ID card, application with submitted Challan and coloured copy of label in PFA office or send it by post.
  • If label compiles with the rules and regulations of PFA, approval letter will be sent to your address otherwise intimation letter for amendment of label will be sent to the concerned FBOs.

Mode for Label Registration

Mandatory Requirements

1 : Correct category

2 : Complete Company Name & Address

3: Ingredients

4 : Nutritional Facts

5 : Manufacturing date & Expiry date

6: Batch No.

7: Net Weight

8: Allergen Warning

9: Storage condition/instruction

Optional Requirements:

1: Addition of any other language except Urdu & English

2: Claim/certification

3: Incorporation of different logos

4: Any instructions for use, such as cooking instruction if they are needed.

Contact Us:

Phone Number:042-9933773
Address:83-C New Muslim Town, Lahore



Medical Screening Facility (MSF) is a Sub-Section of the  Laboratories Section in the Technical Wing of the Punjab Food Authority. The Medical Screening Facility of the Punjab Food Authority was established as a pilot project in district Lahore dated: 5th June, 2017, on no loss no profit basis as per the approval granted in the 28th Board meeting for the establishment of Medical Screening Facilities in all 36 districts of Punjab. Later on, replicated to 13 other districts of Punjab. currently, MSF is functional in Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, and Sargodha, Chiniot, Jhang, Kasur, Sahiwal, Vehari and DG Khan.


Aim & Objective

“The Punjab Food Authority aims to ensure the safety and quality of all the food items and products.”


Mission Statement

“Screening of food handlers in line of International Best Practices against communicable diseases to curb the foodborne illnesses throughout the food supply chain”.


Medical Screening Facilities are responsible to conduct screening of Food Handlers for communicable diseases.

Future Plans

  • Establishment/Extension of MSF to a total of 36 District Offices of the Punjab Food Authority
  • To incorporate the latest advancements, techniques & Parameters in Screening methods based on the latest research.


Standards & Accreditation (S&A) section is responsible for formulating various standards, regulations and standard operating procedures (SOPs) which act as the backbone for all technical aspects of the Punjab Food Authority in its domains pertaining to field teams, laboratories and in the court of law.


  • Frame regulatory framework (Technical) of the Punjab Food Authority.
  • Convene meetings of the Scientific Panel, Punjab Food Authority.
  • Furnish scientific/technical input on legal matters and various queries received from different wings/sections of the Punjab Food Authority.
  • Correspond on technical matters with food manufacturing companies and with other government departments.
  • Initiate awareness ads i.r.o food standards/regulations.


Future Plans:

Standards & Accreditation is entrusted for the formulation of food standards, procedures and guideline regarding hygiene and food safety of food commodities including the labelling requirements of pre-packed food items hence, provide the basis for provision of safe and wholesome food to the public along with the awareness of population regarding various aspects of food safety, quality, fortification and label and Standards & Accreditation section aims to update the existing regulatory framework of Punjab Food Authority as and when required according to the technical advancement, research and international standards.


The registration section of the technical wing of the Punjab Food Authority is contributing towards the assurance of food safety and quality of the food products being sold in the province of Punjab. The product. The safety and quality of the food products are thoroughly analyzed, and the products conforming to the regulations are issued a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR). The sampling and analysis campaigns conducted by the registration section contribute to the assurance of food safety and quality. Moreover, the results of the sampling and analysis campaign are made publicly available through the PFA website to increase consumer awareness. The Technical Wing of the PFA has worked in close collaboration with the IT Wing of the PFA to streamline and digitize the product registration process. To achieve this, a paperless model has been developed that has enabled the applicants to scan and upload their documents remotely via the PFA portal.

Aim & Objective:

To ensure safety and quality of all the food products being manufactured/sold in the province of Punjab


Future Plans:

  • Enhance the product registration portfolio


Research and Development Section is the core and indispensable section of any well recognized International Food Regulatory Organizations. In order to cater the day to day arising problem statements and to analyze various Scientific/Technical hypothesis while adherence to the ethical principles of research, the competent Authority established Research and Development section that  started working in June 2021 with an aim to provide timely and meaningful scientific research outputs. Research and Development Section of Technical Wing is working on multiple research based assignments.


The core objectives are: To transform the Punjab Food Authority into a science-based regulatory agency that conducts scientific research to support evidence-based decision-making to safeguard food wholesomeness and its quality in order to enhance positive impact on health and well-being of people, environment, and the economy by providing timely and meaningful scientific research outputs.
  • Conducting any research that supports sound policy development and program design and delivery. These types of Strategies developed by the Research and Development Section is to be used by the PFA and its stakeholders to support decision making during scientific research engagement, prioritization, planning, delivery, reporting, and evaluation activities.
  • Scientific investigation to acquire new knowledge, international best practices, or new and improved technology
  • Analysis, compilation and synthesis of data or information to efficiently and effectively transfer knowledge to end-users
  • Scientific activities that support development of tools to proactively detect, assess, mitigate, and manage risks
  • Determine and execute research projects based on innovative technologies for better public service delivery.


  • Generate plans for specific interventions relevant to the research projects
  • Responsible for research, Planning and implementing new SOP’s and guidelines for Food Business Operators and Food Safety Teams
  • Responsible for developing new procedures and updating existing methodologies with special focus on adulteration testing.
  • Responsible for research on advance analytical techniques for strengthening food testing mechanism.
  • Suggest training and other tools to enhance field teams’ performance, strengthening them and skill development.
  • Execute complex research projects based on reported problems from Food Business Operators, Food Safety Teams and other allied wings, analyze results and provide recommendations based on finding.
  • Field surveys for impact analysis of different initiatives of PFA for public
  • Development of public awareness tools for guidance and training
  • Developing reports after analyzing data for impact/efficiency analysis of Punjab Food Authority over years and to find problem areas

Future Plans

  • Development of qualitative testing procedures for different food commodities
  • Survey based impact analysis of different initiatives of Punjab Food Authority
  • Development of testing procedures for detection/quantification of different food commodities
  • Guidelines/SOPs designed for food business operators and general public
  • Brainstorming on generating technologically viable idea according to need of time
  • Comparative analysis on the basis of analyzed data to develop future guidelines
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