• Audit wing was established under the provision of clause 9 of PFA Regulations-2017 in September, 2017.
  • It conducts Pre-Audit, Post-Audit of all financial claims and tenders advice to competent authority for compliance of applicable financial rules.

Pre Audit

  •  Pre Audit of all payments, procurement and all Personal Claims of employees on day to day basis.

Post Audit

  • Preparation and vetting of working papers of all audit paras.
  • Participation in SDAC/DAC meetings and follow-up.
  • Assistance of all wings in annual external audit by the DG Audit Punjab.
  • Assistance to all wings of PFA in conducting Audit from Chartered Accountant Firm.
  • Inspection program of field formations.

Policy Metters

  • Tendering Advice to the Director General for compliance of Rules. (FR, SR, TR & Other Regulations, Instructions and Orders issued by Finance Department, Govt. of the Punjab from time to time)

Training Sessions

  • Training programs for PFA officials at Head office and district level on Financial Matters.
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