Public Relations & Awareness

The Public Relations and Awareness Wing of the Punjab Food Authority aims to bridge the gap between the Punjab Food Authority and its stakeholders, i.e.
  • General public
  • Food Industry
  • Shopkeepers
The PR Wing is the mouthpiece of PFA, creating a soft image of the authority and representing the initiatives and activities of all the wings, e.g., the operations carried out by the other wings.

The following sections are working under the PR Wing:

i. Production Section (2019)

ii. Publication Section (2019)

iii. Broadcast Section (2019)

iv. Community Awareness Section (2018)

v. Social Media Section (2018)

vi. Media Monitoring Cell ( 2018)

vii. News Section (2016)

Press Clipping activity starts at 8:00 AM
• Electronic media monitoring activity continues throughout the day
• Electronic media story release (gathering information from teams, aligning, sending,
• Coverage of daily activities of The Director General office
• Entertaining information needs of journalists, in person and telephonically from all stations
• Handout preparation starts by 3 pm after receiving a summary of the daily activities of all
• Preparing content and stories for Social Media Uploading
• Handout release completes by 8 PM
• After releasing handouts, speaking with newsrooms of different newspapers (as and when required)

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