Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore

On March 8, International Women’s Day, the Nutrition Section of Punjab Food Authority orchestrated a nutrition awareness and screening camp at Faletti’s Hotel. Punjab Food Authority, with the vision in mind, “Count Her In, Invest In Women, Accelerate Progress” was to heighten awareness about nutrition while offering screening services to the 16-17 participants visiting the camp.

Notably, the Chief Minister of Punjab graced the camp with a visit, underscoring the significance of the initiative. Utilizing a fat analyzer, the camp meticulously assessed participants’ body mass index (BMI), body fat, and visceral fat.

Ensuring optimal nutrition is crucial for the well-being of women. Experts at the Nutrition Section of Punjab Food Authority developed innovative recipes for various disease conditions and symptoms commonly faced by women, which included vertigo, PCOS, breast cancer, and menstrual cramps.

For PCOS, Kalonji cookies enriched with healthy fats and minerals were presented as an effective therapeutic food product. Another recipe presented for PCOS was egg muffins, which were enriched with omega-3 fats, quercetin, and essential vitamins that help relieve PCOS symptoms.

In addition, experts curated a hot drink containing nutrients targeted to relieve menstrual cramps. An anti-cancer Banana Ashwagandha Pudding, aimed at preventing breast cancer, was also presented at the camp. These recipes exemplify the dedication of the Punjab Food Authority in addressing women’s nutritional needs and promoting overall health and wellness.

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