A Nutrition Awareness Seminar at the Govt. Vocational Training Institute for Women

The nutrition awareness seminar was conducted at the Govt. Vocational Training Institute for Women by a nutritionist team from the Punjab Food Authority.

The primary objectives of the seminar were to assess the general dietary patterns and eating habits of the attendees. The total number of participants was 39. Participants were educated on the importance of maintaining a balanced diet by incorporating the five food groups essential for overall health. The seminar also emphasized the significance of adhering to food safety measures while consuming meals, aiming to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Hygiene practices related to food preparation and consumption were highlighted to promote overall health and well-being among the attendees. Special attention was given to dietary patterns specific to Ramadan, including guidelines for Sehar (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (breaking the fast), ensuring optimal nutrition during the fasting period.

Detailed guidelines and recommendations were provided during the seminar, enabling participants to implement healthy dietary practices both during and after Ramadan.

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