Awareness seminar conducted under the Eat Safe Kids Campaign

The Punjab Food Authority conducted a nutrition awareness seminar at Senior Noble Voice School in Vehari on March 30, 2024, as part of the EAT SAFE KIDS CAMPAIGN. The seminar was led by a nutritionist who conveyed the importance of adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and safe eating habits among students.

Topics covered included the establishment and functions of the Punjab Food Authority, food safety, impacts and consequences of historical food safety incidents, key points for food safety and hygiene, food labeling, and achieving a sustainable healthy diet. The seminar also discussed the benefits of healthy eating on academic performance, provided nutritious lunch box ideas, and emphasized the importance of lifestyle modification to improve quality of life and prevent diseases.

The seminar was attended by 60 students and teachers, and the administration and staff appreciated the efforts of the Punjab Food Authority in promoting student well-being.

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