A Nutrition Awareness Seminar at LGS DG Khan under the “Eat Safe Kids Campaign

Punjab Food Authority DG Khan organized a seminar at Lahore Grammar School DG Khan under the “Eat Safe Kids Campaign.” Approximately 340 students and teachers actively participated in the event. The seminar, directed by the Worthy Director General of Punjab Food Authority, aimed to raise awareness about food safety, promote healthy eating habits, and impart nutritional knowledge to children.

This collaborative effort between Punjab Food Authority DG Khan and Lahore Grammar School DG Khan sought to instill a sense of responsibility among students towards their dietary choices. The focus was on encouraging a healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating habits, with the belief that such practices would not only improve concentration but also have a positive impact on the academic journey of the participants.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the authorities to prioritize the well-being of the community in Dera Ghazi Khan, emphasizing the importance of informed food choices for a healthier future.

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