Nutrition Awareness Seminar conducted in Hafizabad under the Eat Safe Kids Campaign

Nutrition Section of Punjab Food Authority in Hafizabad organized a significant event in collaboration with Montessori Kids Campus and High School Hafizabad, focusing on the crucial role of nutrition in integrated early childhood development. This seminar, held under the banner of the “Eat Safe, Healthy Kids Campaign”, aimed to raise awareness among students aged up to 12 years old about the importance of adopting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

During the seminar, a nutritionist from Punjab Food Authority addressed various key points, beginning with the introduction of Punjab Food Authority and its mission, vision, and goals. The speakers elaborated on the first phase of the Eat Safe Healthy Kids Campaign, emphasizing the significance of nutrition in early growth and brain development.

Moreover, the seminar highlighted the correlation between nutrition and learning milestones in the first 12 years of a child’s life. Practical tools and strategies for children to adopt a balanced diet were discussed, including interactive activities such as MyPlate, Food Pyramid, and Rainbow Diet Activities, aimed at engaging students in understanding the importance of healthy eating habits.

During this event, teachers were also informed about the importance of incorporating nutrition education into the morning assembly by Punjab Food Authority’s team.

The purpose of this seminar was to promote physical growth and mental well-being among children which would enhance their academic performance. By spreading awareness about the Eat Safe Healthy Kids Campaign, the event sought to instill lifelong habits of healthy eating among students, addressing prevalent nutrition challenges in Pakistan such as malnutrition, stunting, and wasting.

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