Lets End Unhealthy Reuse Cooking Oil at Our Homes

In the realm of culinary practices, the choice and utilization of cooking oil hold paramount importance, not only for the palatability of dishes but also for the health and nutritional well-being of individuals. The Punjab Food Authority’s Nutrition Section, cognizant of the pivotal role of cooking oil in daily diets, embarked on a rigorous survey designed to shed light on numerous facets of cooking oil use and its associated challenges. This comprehensive investigation aimed to ascertain the level of public knowledge and awareness regarding a range of culinary and nutritional concerns. A team of 24 nutritionists organized a campaign in different allocation zones, (GOR-I, GOR-II, GOR-III, GOR- IV, GOR-V, GOR-VI) visiting a total of 677 houses and filling out 310 surveys using a questionnaire. Objectives were following: 1. To make general public aware about the health hazards of used cooking oil 2. To highlight the importance of adverse health effects of consuming foods prepared with excessive and reused oil 3. To emphasized on the importance of using fresh oil for better nutritional value in meals the comprehensive data analysis has yielded several noteworthy findings pertaining to cooking oil usage and disposal practices among the surveyed residents. In conclusion, while the survey has unveiled some commendable awareness levels, it also underscores the imperative of bridging the gap between knowledge and action. To effect meaningful change, targeted awareness campaigns and practical interventions are necessary to align residents’ awareness with responsible cooking oil usage and disposal practices. The findings herein provide valuable insights to guide future initiatives aimed at promoting culinary safety, environmental responsibility, and improved public health outcomes.  
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