Impact of natural sugars and artificial sweeteners on Health

A seminar was organized at Ripah International University Faisalabad by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Faisalabad. The event focused on the “Impact of natural sugars and artificial sweeteners on Health” within the Nutrition section.

The seminar commenced with a Quran recitation, followed by discussions highlighting the effects of natural sugars and artificial sweeteners on health.
The Punjab Food Authority’s Nutrition Wing addressed the operational aspects while engaging in an enthusiastic discussion on the use of sweeteners in daily life.

The impact of natural sugars and artificial sweeteners on health, as highlighted by nutritionists, often revolves around their effects on overall metabolic health, weight management, and potential risks associated with excessive consumption. Natural sugars, found in fruits and some dairy products, can offer essential nutrients but should be consumed in moderation due to their contribution to calorie intake.

On the other hand, artificial sweeteners, despite being low in calories or non-caloric, might still affect insulin sensitivity, gut microbiota, and metabolic responses. Research suggests conflicting evidence regarding their long-term health implications, calling for cautious use.

Consulting a nutritionist can provide personalized insights on how these sugars and sweeteners impact an individual’s health based on their specific dietary habits and health goals.

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