An event organized in collaboration with Degree College Special Education

An event organized by the Nutrition Section and Training School of Punjab Food Authority in Bahawalpur, in collaboration with Degree College Special Education on World Disabilities Day. The event featured a Nutrition Assessment Camp and Awareness Seminar where students received information about their nutrition status and were offered nutritional advice. Additionally, brochures and free nutritional consultations based on food were provided to the attendees. 1. Individualized Assessments : Trained nutritionists conducted individual assessments considering various factors such as age, weight, height, dietary habits, and any specific health concerns or conditions. 2. Dietary Recommendations : Tailored dietary recommendations were offered to each student, focusing on meeting their specific nutritional needs and goals. 3. Nutrient Deficiency Addressing : For students with identified nutrient deficiencies, advice was given on incorporating foods rich in those particular nutrients into their diets. 4. Balanced Meal Planning : Guidance on creating balanced meals that include a variety of food groups (e.g., fruits, vegetables, protein sources, grains) to ensure a well-rounded diet. 5. Portion Control Education : Education on portion control to maintain a healthy balance and avoid overconsumption of certain food types. The Principal of Degree College Special Education commended the efforts of Punjab Food Authority Bahawalpur for the successful organization of the camp and awareness seminar.
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