The Punjab government is going to set up a separate directorate of milk

The Punjab Food Authority is in the process of establishing a dedicated Milk Directorate, aimed at devising a modern system for distributing pure milk to the masses. The Director-General of the Punjab Food Authority has pointed out that various exemplary models for delivering pure milk are present globally. The newly established directorate will conduct a meticulous analysis of successful milk delivery models from around the world.

Furthermore, after conducting thorough research, the new system will be introduced in alignment with the specific resources and environmental considerations of Punjab. The Director-General also emphasized the monitoring of all stages of the milk supply chain.

The newly formed directorate will operate under the leadership of Hafiz Khizar Malik, who has been assigned as the Director of Milk. This directorate will maintain a direct reporting line to the Director-General to facilitate prompt decision-making.

Glipms of Inauguration

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