Stakeholders Conference in Khushab

The Stakeholders Conference in Khushab was a crucial gathering of key individuals and organizations, chaired by the honorable Additional Deputy Commissioner of Khushab. This conference aimed to address and discuss important matters related to public health, safety, and community welfare in the Khushab region.

Chaired by:

Worthy Additional Deputy Commissioner Khushab: The conference was presided over by the esteemed Additional Deputy Commissioner of Khushab, who provided leadership and direction to the proceedings.
Other Participants:

Deputy Director Operations, PFA Khushab: The Deputy Director Operations of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) in Khushab brought expertise and insights into matters pertaining to food safety and regulations.

DSP Focal Person PFA: The participation of the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), who served as the focal person for the Punjab Food Authority, ensured a strong law enforcement perspective in matters related to public safety and adherence to food regulations.

CEO Health Khushab: The Chief Executive Officer of Health in Khushab played a pivotal role in providing valuable information and strategies related to healthcare and community well-being.

President Anjuman- e- Tajiraan Association: The President of the Anjuman-e-Tajiraan Association represented the interests of local traders and businesses, contributing to discussions on commerce and its impact on public health.

This conference served as a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among these key stakeholders. It addressed pressing issues related to public health, food safety, and the welfare of the community in Khushab. The collective efforts and expertise of these participants aimed to formulate strategies and solutions for the betterment of the region and its residents. The Stakeholders Conference underscored the commitment of these individuals and organizations to improving the quality of life in Khushab and ensuring the well-being of its people.

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