Safe Food City Project aims to integrate all initiatives of Punjab Food Authority at local cities

The "Safe Food City Project," launched by the Punjab Food Authority

 is geared towards ensuring the accessibility of clean and hygienic food and beverages in district headquarters across Punjab, emulating major cities. The primary objectives of this initiative include augmenting revenue, combating adulteration, and elevating overall food safety standards.

Within the framework of the “Safe Food City Project,” the Punjab Food Authority is proactively implementing measures to ensure the availability of top-tier, wholesome food across the province. The project’s initial phase kicks off in Lahore and is set to expand to district headquarters, with a commitment to establishing and maintaining high-quality food standards throughout Punjab.

In this context, the Punjab Food Authority has selected specific areas of the Divisional
Headquarters Districts including Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Bahawalpur and DG Khan where businesses related to food preparation are included. Apart from this, all the food businesses related to food preparation in selected urban areas from other districts of Punjab where steps will be taken to implement food preparation.


Phases involved in three phases

Phase 1

First phase has been started from 10 September, 2023 which will continue till 31st December

Phase 2

Remaining food businesses will be covered during second phase that will start from1st
January 2024 till 31st March 2024

Phase 3

Third phase will start from 1st April 2024till 31st
June 2024

Project KPIs involves

Detailed KPIs – Roles and Responsibilities

Sr.# Key Areas to be focused for Safe Food Cities Targets to be Achieved Roles and Responsibilities
1 Inspections of all registered Food Businesses 100% Operations Wing
2 Prevention of organized Food Crime 100% Operations Wing
3 Actions against Counterfeit Products 100% Operations Wing
4 Inspections of Water Filtration Plants 100% Operations Wing
5 Slaughterhouses Inspections 100% Operations Wing
6 Uprooting of Vegetables irrigated through  Sewerage Water 100% Operations Wing
7 Inspections of Used Cooking-Oil 100% Operations Wing
8 Monthly Flag March Mandatory Operations Wing
9 Monthly Stakeholders Conference Mandatory Operations Wing
10 Products Registration & Labels Approval 100% Operations and Technical Wing  
11 Community Participation through awareness  programs: Walks (One/month) Seminars (One/month) Mandatory Operations Wing
12 Community participation through youth Ambassadors/ Volunteers At least 100 Volunteers to be selected Operations Wing
13 Products Registration & Labels Approval 100% Operations and Tech Wing
14 1223 Helpline (wide publicity, No. of complaints received and resolved) 100% Operations and Public Relations Wing
15 Food Safety Trainings of all Food Handlers 100% HQrs Wing
16 Licensing of Food Businesses Number of New Licenses Applied during the project  in that specific area/ tehsil R&L Wing and Ops Wing
17 Recovery of outstanding dues 100% R&L Wing and Ops Wing
18 Medical Screening of all Food Handlers 100% Public Relations Wing
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