Promoting Healthy Eating Habits: Nutrition Awareness at Govt MCP School, Khanewal

On May 3rd, 2024, Punjab Food Authority Khanewal, under the directive of the Worthy Director General, organized a seminar at Govt MCP School Khanewal as part of the EAT SAFE KIDS CAMPAIGN. Approximately 75 students and teachers actively participated in this initiative aimed at raising awareness about food safety, healthy eating habits, and nutritional awareness for children.

The seminar sought to instill in students the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating habits, emphasizing the positive impact these practices can have on both concentration levels and academic performance. Through interactive sessions and informative presentations, attendees gained insights into various aspects of food safety, including the journey of food from production to consumption and the significance of proper food handling and labeling.

District Khanewal witnessed a proactive approach towards promoting health and well-being among its youth through this collaborative effort between Punjab Food Authority Khanewal and Govt MCP School Khanewal. The seminar served as a platform for fostering a culture of health consciousness and informed decision-making among students, paving the way for a brighter and healthier future generation.

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