Nutrition Awareness Seminar Conducted in Jhang Under the Eat Safe Kids Campaign

A Nutrition Awareness Seminar was conducted at Dar-e-Arqam School in Jhang. It was organized by the Training School and Nutrition Section under the direction of the Director General of Punjab Food Authority. The aim of this seminar was to educate the participants about food safety and healthy eating habits. With approximately 75 attendees, the seminar featured nutrition experts from Punjab Food Authority as speakers. Topics covered ranged from introducing the Punjab Food Authority and its wings to discussing the negative effects of carbonated beverages and educating participants on how to read food labels effectively.

Throughout this event, the nutrition experts engaged in discussions on various aspects of nutrition, including differentiating between butter and margarine, milk and tea whitener, and ice cream and frozen desserts. Emphasis was placed on promoting sustainable healthy diets and raising awareness about balanced nutrition, daily servings according to the food guide pyramid, and healthy eating habits. Moreover, practical tips such as healthy lunch box ideas and selecting nutritious foods during Sehar and Iftar were shared to encourage healthier lifestyles among attendees.

To reinforce the seminar’s teachings, nutrition-based take-home activities were distributed, allowing participants to further integrate their newfound knowledge into their daily lives. The event concluded with a question-and-answer session, where the nutritionists provided participants with the opportunity to clarify any doubts and deepen their understanding of the topics discussed, thus empowering them to make informed dietary choices.


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