Nutrition Awareness Seminar Conducted in Faisalabad under the Eat Safe, Healthy Kids Campaign

The Nutrition Section of Punjab Food Authority organized a comprehensive awareness seminar in Faisalabad focusing on the promotion of a sustainable healthy diet and the importance of a nutritious breakfast. Collaborating with Dar-E-Arqam School and Allied School System Faisalabad, the seminar was part of the Eat Safe, Healthy Kids Campaign.

Nutrition experts of Punjab Food Authority were the key speakers. They covered various topics essential for understanding the importance of nutrition in early childhood development. The topics covered included an introduction to Punjab Food Authority’s mission, vision, and goals, the initial phase of the Eat Safe Healthy Kids Campaign, the crucial role of diet in early growth and brain development, and nutrition milestones in the first 12 years of life.

Practical tools were also discussed to help children adopt a balanced diet, with students actively participating in activities such as MyPlate, Food Pyramid, and Rainbow Diet activities. Additionally, the seminar addressed nutrition challenges in Pakistan, including malnutrition, stunting, and wasting. Nutrition experts encouraged the teachers to incorporate nutrition education into the morning assembly routine, emphasizing the importance of fostering healthy eating habits among students. The efforts of the Punjab Food Authority were commended by the school principal and staff members, who expressed appreciation for the collaboration aimed at promoting the well-being of students, with hopes for more such events in the future.

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