Nutrition Assessment Camp at Aspire Group of Colleges, DGK as a part of the Safe Food City Project

The Nutrition Section of the Punjab Food Authority in Dera Ghazi Khan organized a Nutrition Assessment Camp at Aspire Group of Colleges , in collaboration with Ambassadors, as a part of the Safe Food City Project.

During the camp, an informative session on Healthy Diet Awareness was conducted, reaching approximately 120 students. Additionally, around 170 participants underwent assessment, screening, and counseling sessions.

The Safe Food City Project holds significant importance concerning nutrition for various reasons:

1. *Public Health Improvement:*
The project aims to enhance public health by ensuring the availability of safe and nutritious food within urban areas. This directly contributes to better nutrition and health outcomes for the city’s residents.

2. *Access to Nutrient-Rich Foods:*
The project may also work towards increasing access to fresh, healthy, and nutrient-rich foods, especially in underserved or vulnerable communities. This encourages better dietary practices and overall improved nutrition.

3. *Health Equity and Sustainable Development:*
By addressing food safety and nutrition concerns at the city level, the Safe Food City Project contributes to promoting health equity and supports the Sustainable Development Goals related to good health and well-being for all.

In summary, the Safe Food City Project plays a vital role in ensuring access to safe, nutritious food, promoting awareness about healthy dietary practices, and ultimately contributing to better health outcomes for the urban population.

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