FST Multan conducted inspection following a tip from the vigilance wing

On September 13, 2023, Food Safety Teams of Punjab Food Authority District Multan conducted two inspections following a tip from the vigilance wing. During this operation, numerous violations were identified, such as inadequate premises hygiene, improper storage of final products, improper labelling as per regulations, lack of integrated pest management measures (with the presence of insects, bird nests, and cobwebs), workers not adhering to hygiene protocols, the utilization of spoiled raw materials, and mishandling of raw materials (such as damaged bags stored at ground level) as well as smoking inside the production unit.
During these operations, approximately 400 kilograms of untraceable ingredients were discarded in one case, and 15 kilograms of banned items were discarded in the other. Punjab Food Authority is committed to ensure the provision of safe food and Taking immediate corrective actions is crucial to maintain safe food environment

Glimpse of Inspections

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