Empowering Healthier Choices: Nutrition Awareness Seminar at Strive Grammar School, Jhang

In line with the directives of the Director General Punjab Food Authority, the Training School and Nutrition Section in Jhang recently organized an enlightening Nutrition Awareness Seminar at STRIVE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, JHANG (girls section) as part of the EAT SAFE KIDS CAMPAIGN. The seminar, held on May 8, 2024, saw an enthusiastic participation of approximately 35 attendees. Throughout the event, various crucial topics were discussed, including an introduction to the Punjab Food Authority and its wings, an overview of the Eat Safe Kids campaign, insights into food safety measures, food categorization based on Punjab Educational Institution Food regulations, and the detrimental effects of carbonated beverages. Participants also gained valuable knowledge about differentiating between commonly used food items such as butter and margarine, milk and tea whitener, ice cream, and frozen dessert. Understanding food labels and promoting sustainable healthy diets were emphasized, alongside raising awareness about balanced nutrition and daily servings according to the food guide pyramid. Additionally, healthy eating habits and creative lunchbox ideas were shared, complemented by an engaging cartoon video presentation. The seminar concluded with an interactive question and answer session, allowing attendees to clarify any doubts they had. To further support the dissemination of nutrition-related information, nutrition-based pamphlets were distributed among the participants, ensuring that the knowledge shared during the seminar can continue to benefit the community.

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