Distribution of Acknowledgment Certificates for Counterfeit Product Raids

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has implemented various measures to ensure the provision of safe food, with counterfeit products being a significant concern. PFA’s dedicated teams have successfully conducted raids to eradicate counterfeit products across Punjab. In recognition of their efforts, Coca-Cola Pakistan visited the Punjab Food Authority’s Headquarters in Lahore.
The visit was accompanied by Mr. Sunay Sanli (Commercial Director), Mr. Syed Omar (Director Public Affairs & Sustainability), Mr Omer Ayub Khan (Govt. Affairs Executive, Dr. Faisal Hashmi (Head of Govt. Relations) and Dr.Ghulam Mustafa Sipra (Manager Scientific & Regulatory Affair) Coca Cola Pakistan.
The Director General PFA highlighted the challenging conditions faced by these teams during raids, including threats and physical harm from these illegal mafias. PFA maintains a zero-tolerance policy, confiscating all materials being used in the process and lodging an FIR against the culprits. The Director-General of PFA acknowledged them as the unsung heroes of the organization, working diligently to ensure food safety
The Director General PFA also stressed that eradicating this issue requires collaborative efforts, where an effective regulator, responsible food business operators, and responsible citizens work together to combat this issue.
A representative from Coca-Cola appreciated the PFA staff’s dedication and presented certificates of acknowledgment to those involved in combating counterfeit products. They also expressed their interest in supporting capacity-building initiatives for PFA staff

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