Product Registration


  • The PFA initiated Food Product Registration after “The Food Authority (Product Registration and Display of PFA Logo) Regulations, 2017” were enacted.
  • The core objective of product registration is to assure Food Safety and Quality of the products being sold in the Province of Punjab.
  • The products in compliance with regulations are issued a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR).
  • The section conducts Sampling/Analysis Campaigns for all product categories which contribute towards assurance of food safety and quality.

Product Registration Process

  • Submission of Application

  • Documents Evaluation

  • Sampling/Analysis of Product

  • Approval from Competent Authority

  • Issuance of CPR


  • Go to or PFA Mobile App.
  • Click the Product Registration Tab.
  • Fill the primary information required i.e. CNIC number and Mobile number, Email etc.
  • Press save button.
  • Go to the Food Products section, Click the “Add Product” icon and enter details of product.
  • Fee challan will be generated.
  • After payment of fee challan, option for uploading product registration documents will appear in the “Actions” tab.
  • Complete application is issued CPR after scrutiny and approval from the competent authority.


  • Product Description (Product Name, Category and Ingredients)
  • Certificate of Analysis & Halal Certificates (of raw materials)
  • Evidence of special labelling claims of the character quality and safety of the processed food (Label Approval Letter from PFA and its specimen)
  • Finished Product Specification (Analysis Report of final product)
  • Shelf-Life Details (Shelf-life study reports from laboratory)
  • Any other thing which is required by the PFA


Q.1. Is food product registration mandatory?

Ans: Yes, all food products have to be registered with the Punjab Food Authority. The Food Authority (Product Registration & Display of PFA Logo) Regulations, 2017, Part II, Section 5 states that,

Every manufacturer, trader, importer, exporter or wholesaler who intends to store, import, transportation, export, manufacture or sale the food product shall be required to obtain a certificate of Product Registration (CPR) from the office of the Food Authority”.

Q.2. What is the validity period of certificate of product registration?

Ans: CPR is valid for duration of one year.

Q.3. How to renew Food product registration?

Ans: Product Registration Certificate requires submission of renewal fee and resubmission of related documents.

Q.4. What is the criteria for issuance of CPR?

Ans: CPR is issued when the food authority is satisfied that the product safety and quality standards are as described in the regulations.

Q.5. If the food product with same formulation and label is being sold in two different quantity packages, is it required for them to be registered separately?

Ans: No, only one application is required for a food product and single CPR will be issued.

Q.6. If two food products have minor differences in formulation or name, will that be considered as one food product?

Ans: No, the food products having different formulation or labelling are considered different food products.

Q.7. How to apply for food product registration online?

Ans: Food Business operator (FBO) can apply for product registration online through Punjab Food Authority website (

Q.8. What is the difference between manual and online application?

Ans: Manual application is submitted by providing hard copy of all documents while for online application all the documents are uploaded on PFA portal.

Q.9. What is the fee for registration of food product?

Ans: Product registration fee and CPR renewal fee is Rs. 5800/-

Q.10.Where can we pay the product registration fee?

Ans: Product registration fee can be paid either in any branch of allied bank or through easypaisa or jazzcash.  

Q.11. Are the food products manufactured outside Punjab but being sold in Punjab eligible for registration?

Ans: Yes, all the food products being manufactured, processed, stored, kept, packaged or sold in Punjab have to be registered by Punjab food authority.

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