PFA organized a nutritional screening and food safety awareness camp at the University of the Punjab

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) organized a nutritional screening camp for the students of the ISCS department at the University of the Punjab. A team of experts from PFA conducted comprehensive nutritional screenings and provided personalized counseling to the youth. The necessary equipment for the screening was provided by PFA, ensuring the success of this initiative.

In collaboration with the Nutrition and Well-Being Society (NWS), a seminar titled “Food Safety: Prepare for the Unexpected” was also held. Esteemed speakers shared their insights and strategies on managing food safety and addressing unforeseen challenges in the food industry.

These combined efforts not only highlighted the importance of food safety and nutritional awareness but also provided valuable health support to students. Administration and Honorable Staff appreciated the efforts of PFA and expressed the gratitude for collaboration in favor of students well being & expected further such events in future as well

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