Nutrition Screening and Awareness Camp at Fazaia Society, Lahore

The Nutrition Team of the Punjab Food Authority, Lahore, collaborated with the Food Safety Team to host a Nutrition Screening and Awareness Camp at Fazaia Society. The primary objective was to provide nutritional counseling and evaluate the dietary habits of the residents. An awareness session on food safety and hygiene was conducted, benefitting around 30 participants. In addition to the lecture on food safety and hygiene, the event also included personalized nutritional assessments, counseling sessions, and the development of customized diet plans for around 16 participants. During the lecture on food safety and hygiene, several essential points were highlighted to ensure a comprehensive understanding. 1 . The importance of handwashing before and after handling food was emphasized to prevent the spread of bacteria. Additionally, the significance of storing raw and cooked foods separately to avoid cross-contamination was underscored. 2 . Proper cooking temperature of food items were stressed as crucial aspects to eliminate harmful bacteria. 3 . Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces, utensils, and equipment were highlighted to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. Furthermore, the lecture emphasized the significance of personal hygiene, safe water usage, checking ingredient quality, and adhering to expiration dates to maintain a hygienic food preparation environment. These key points collectively formed the core of the lecture, aiming to instill practical and effective practices for ensuring food safety and hygiene in everyday culinary endeavors.
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