Nutrition Awareness Seminar on Healthy Eating Patterns

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Dera Ghazi Khan, the Nutrition Section of PFA Dera Ghazi Khan conducted a Nutrition Awareness Seminar on “Healthy Eating Patterns.” The seminar took place at the Institute of Computer and Freelancing DGK on Friday, 28th June 2024, with approximately 45 participants in attendance.

The seminar featured a brief lecture delivered by the Nutrition Team to the staff and students, focusing on food safety, food hygiene, nutrition, and their nutritional needs. To further promote healthy eating habits, pamphlets about balanced diets were distributed to the attendees. Additionally, the seminar included a brief discussion introducing the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) and highlighting healthy summer drinks.

This initiative aimed to enhance the awareness of healthy eating patterns and proper nutrition among the community, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for overall well-being.

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