Nutrition Awareness Seminar at The Educators School System in Toba Tek Singh

The Training School and Nutrition Section of the Punjab Food Authority organized a Nutrition Awareness Seminar at The Educators School System in Toba Tek Singh, aligning with the goals of the Safe Food City Project.

Approximately 32 participants, including faculty members and students, engaged in discussions covering topics such as the introduction of the Punjab Food Authority, the significance of the Safe Food City Project, fundamentals of food safety, and categorization based on strict Punjab Educational Institution Food regulations.

Discussions included the harmful effects of carbonated beverages and distinctions between common food items like butter, margarine, milk, tea whitener, ice cream, and frozen desserts. Practical skills were shared on understanding food labels and fostering a deeper nutritional awareness.

The seminar extended beyond theoretical knowledge, instilling awareness about adopting a sustainable healthy diet. Attendees also received comprehensive information on balanced diets and daily servings, explained through the food guide pyramid.

Closing with an interactive Q&A session, participants sought clarifications. Nutrition-based brochures were distributed and received appreciation from the campus Principal for the commendable effort in promoting nutritional awareness.

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