Nutrition Awareness Seminar at Apex College Pakpattan

Nutrition Section of the Punjab Food Authority organized a Nutrition Awareness Seminar at Apex College Pakpattan under the Safe City Project, addressing food safety and sustainable healthy diets. Nutrition Trainee Officer, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a safe city and promoting awareness about healthy diets.

The seminar covered key aspects such as the establishment and functions of PFA, the Safe City model project, and the journey of food safety from farm to fork. Historical incidents, their impacts, and consequences were discussed, along with essential points on food safety, hygiene, and food labeling. The PFA helpline number, 1223, was highlighted for inquiries.

The presentation focused on achieving a sustainable healthy diet, providing guides to its benefits and incorporating healthy lunch box ideas. The impact of lifestyle modifications and unhealthy choices on academic learning was explored. With over 100 students and teachers in attendance, the administration and staff appreciated PFA’s efforts, expressing gratitude for the collaboration and anticipating future events for the well-being of students.

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