Nutrition awareness Seminar and screening Camp at Government Girls High School

The Punjab Food Authority Toba Tek Singh in collaboration with PFA Ambassador University of Agriculture Faisalabad Sub Campus Toba Tek Singh conducted an awareness seminar and nutritional screening camp on December 5th, 2023, at Government Girls High School Number 1, Eid Gah Road, Toba Tek Singh.
The event covered various topics, including:

1. Introduction of Punjab food authority and its Wings
2. Introduction of Safe Food City Project
3. Sustainable Healthy Diet
4. Punjab Institution Food standard regulations
5. Balanced diet and Food guide pyramid

The seminar also highlighted the PFA Nutritional Clinic’s functioning, distributed nutrition-based brochures, and included a Q&A session with approximately 200 total participants and assessments conducted on 40 individuals. The event involved 16 youth ambassadors actively engaged in promoting food safety and nutrition awareness.

Promoting food safety and nutrition awareness is paramount for fostering healthier communities. These efforts are instrumental in safeguarding public health by imparting essential knowledge about safe food handling practices, proper nutrition, and balanced diets. Such awareness initiatives significantly reduce the risk of foodborne diseases and illnesses caused by consuming contaminated or improperly prepared food.

Additionally, raising awareness about food safety and nutrition aids in curbing the economic burden associated with treating food-related illnesses, ultimately promoting a more robust and resilient society.

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