Nutrition Awareness Camp at Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in Faisalabad

The Punjab Food Authority’s Nutrition Section Lahore collaborated with the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in Faisalabad to organize a nutrition screening camp and a nutrition awareness seminar. This initiative likely aimed to promote and educate individuals about proper nutrition and its importance. The main objectives of this camp were following: 1. To assess the dietary practices of children 2. To determine the prevalence and incidence of malnutrition in growing age 3. To find out the factors associated with malnutrition The primary aim was to assess the incidence of malnutrition and provide appropriate guidance based on the participants’ nutritional status. A total of 92 participants attended the nutrition screening camp and nutrition awareness seminar. These participants included students from the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, as well as caregivers. The purpose of the camp and seminar was likely to provide education and support regarding nutrition to these individuals.  
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