Food Safety Training​

We offer registration of food handlers for

Food Safety Training Level-I (free of charge for small-scale business operators and paid for others, depending upon their categories)

Food Safety Training Level-II

Person in Charge/Hygiene Manager Courses (Dairy, Meat and Meat Products, Water and Beverages)

After completion of training courses, certificates are distributed to qualified food handlers.


  1. What is the process for registering for food safety training?
    1. Registration can be accomplished by applying online or by visiting our nearest office.
  2. Required documents for the registration of trainings?
    1. CNIC Card Copy
    2. License certificate
    3. Contact number of the food handler
    4. In the event of the expiration of the certificate, what’s the procedure for its renewal?
    5. After the expiration of the certificate, a refresher course is mandatory with all terms and conditions.
  3. What’s the timing of the training?
    1. 4 days in a week with morning and evening sessions for FSTL-I, once a week for FSTL-II according to requirement, and once a month for the person in charge/hygiene manager.
  4. How many days are required to complete training?
    1. For FSTL-I and FSTL-II, two (2) days each, and for the person in charge/hygiene manager, five (5 days.
  5. Where will training be conducted?
    1. Training is conducted at training schools located in all 36 districts of Punjab.
  6. Can we receive training on our premises?
    1. Yes, for this purpose, you have to come with a written request, and after approval from the competent authority, our team will contact you for training at your location.
  7. Is it mandatory to get this training from the Punjab Food Authority Training School?
    1. Yes, according to PPFR 2018, it is mandatory for all food business operators to get these trainings from the Punjab Food Authority Training School.
  8. In an emergency situation, how will you facilitate a food business operator (FBO)?
    1. In an emergency situation, the head of the food business operator (FBO) requests his or her accommodation in upcoming training sessions accordingly. The officer will forward the request to the competent authority, and after approval, the food handler will be contacted for the next upcoming session.
  9. What will be the certificate validity for FSTL-I, FSTL-II, and Person In Charge/Hygiene Manager?
    1. Certificate validity for FSTL-I is two (2) years.
    2. Certificate validity for FSTL-II is two (2) years.
    3. Certificate validity for FSTL-I is free of charge for one (1) year.
    4. Certificate validity for the person in charge or hygiene manager is two (2) years.
  10. Can we replace any worker during the two-day training course at our will?
    1. No, only the registered person can receive training on the registered CNIC number. However, replacement of workers before training sessions can be entertained after approval from the competent authority.
  11. What are the eligibility criteria for food safety training?
    1. Every food handler or worker is eligible to attend the FSTL-I.
    2. Supervisors, chefs, quality control-related personnel, etc. are eligible to attend FSTL II.
    3. All persons working in the managerial or supervisory role in food-related businesses are eligible to attend the Person in Charge/Hygiene Manager course.
  12. Can we submit the training registration fee by hand?
    1. Sorry, our system is online, and no cash is received by hand. Hence, the registration fee can only be submitted in Allied Bank Limited (ABL) branches or through Easy Pay.
      • Further, for any query, please contact our helpline or toll-free number (080080500)*.


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