Automated Food Label Approval

Process For Label Approval

  • Submission of Label

    Submission of Label by the FBO either in District Office or Head Office

  • Opinions by Committee (4 days)

    Review of the labels by the Committee (Opinion) Opinion page.

  • Intimations/ Reply To /Reminders/Meeting Notice/Hearing Notice (2 days)

    Drafting of letter to FBO in the light of observations raised by Committee (Intimation Letter).
    In-case of non-compliance to standards
    - Review of the amended labels by AD (LB) and drafting of letter (Reply-to)
    - Reminder Letter
    - Meeting Notice

  • Certificate after submission of amended label (2 days)

    In-case of Compliance to Standards
    - Review by the Committee
    - Drafting of Certificates
    - Submission of file for final Approval by DD/ADG/wDG

  • Label Approval (4 days)

Mandatory Labeling Requirements

  • Manufacturing date, Expiry date and batch number

  • Category name

  • Manufacturing address

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Ingredients

  • Net Content

  • Allergen warning

  • Storage conditions

Documents Required

  • Application

  • Colored legible copy of product label

  • Halal certificate

  • PFA license copy

  • Challan copy

  • ID card copy

  • Certification of claims

  • Analysis report of Nutrition facts

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