Eat Safe Campaign

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has launched the “Eat Safe Campaign” to enhance the quality and safety of food consumed by the general public. Recognizing the pivotal role of nutrition in leading a healthy life, PFA aims to ensure the provision of safe and standardized food to every individual. The campaign focuses on inspecting and maintaining the quality of food markets, streets, stalls, vendors, and small food points across the province.

Under this initiative, PFA is providing free training to workers involved in the preparation and sale of food, emphasizing health and safety principles. Additionally, medical screenings will be conducted to test for diseases transmitted through food. The authority has introduced a low-cost licensing category for small businesses to encourage compliance with health and safety regulations.

PFA is taking comprehensive measures, including issuing guidelines, to small food points, food stalls, vendors, and local bakeries, ensuring adherence to proper hygiene practices and compliance with food safety standards. The campaign also involves regular checks at all stages of food preparation and transportation, emphasizing the use of quality raw materials.

The initial phase of the "Eat Safe Campaign" has been launched in 15 markets across Lahore, covering various food points, stalls, and vendors. PFA's ultimate goal is to reform food businesses, impart complete training to workers, and maintain consistent checking processes to guarantee the safety and quality of food reaching the general public.

In line with the campaign, PFA is providing free training to workers, conducting medical screenings, and encouraging businesses to follow health and safety guidelines for food preparation and sale. The authority is committed to establishing a continuous checking process to uphold food safety standards and improve the overall quality of food in the province.

  • Lakshmi Chowk

  • Food Street, Old Anarkali

  • Taxali Gate

  • Food Street, Lahore Fort

  • Gowalmandi Food Street

  • Barkat Market

  • Kareem Block, AIT

  • Neela Gumbad, Anarkali

  • Moon Market, Iqbal Town

  • Liberty Market

  • G 1 Market

  • Regal Chowk

  • Chuaburji

  • Moon Market, Gulshan Ravi

  • Kareem Block, AIT

  • Shadman

  • Survey

    Food Businesses will be classified into different categories. Restaurants/Food Points Burger & Shawarma Juices/Carbonated drinks Sharbat Gol Gappy Samosa Points, etc

  • Registration

    All food points/ dhaba in the identified areas will be registered.

  • Awareness

    The awareness booklets regarding safe food handling and preparation will be distributed among the food business operators in highlighted areas

  • Training & Medical Screening

    Onsite customized training of Food Business Operators and medical screening of food handlers.

  • Enforcement of Personnel Hygiene

    The enforcement of good handling practices will be ensured in terms of PPE’s

  • Enforcement of Food Grade Utensils

    The enforcement of good handling practices will be ensured in terms of PPE’s

  • Enforcement of Utensil Washing Facility

    Food Business Operators will be ensured for the installation of a dedicated facility for washing utensils.

  • Waste Management

    The Food Business Operators will be trained to manage the waste based on its type e.g., food waste, packaging waste etc

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